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When planting your spring gardens this year be sure to support our family farmers and go to Maryland nurseries and garden centers. By choosing to purchase your annual bedding plants, perennials, shrubs and trees from Maryland producers, you will not only be supporting our family farmers but also your local economy. In the soundbook to the right you can learn about Maryland Ag Hall of Fame, Angelica Nursery in Kent County.

Maryland Nursery & Landscape Association

University of MD Extension – Home & Garden Center
From beef and pork to poultry, lamb, bison and more, Maryland farmers have a wide variety of meats available for consumers who want to buy locally-raised products. You can enjoy locally raised meats year around, while supporting the state’s farmers and economy. To the right is a soundbook profile of SB Farms, a pasture fed bison operation in Dorchester County.

Food Safety Tips for Meat